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  •   Who runs PokerWorld?
  • One of the most respected and reputable gaming companies in the world, Olympus Entertainment Group - of The Greek Sportsbook fame - operates PokerWorld. An industry leader since 1996, the Olympus Entertainment Group has taken its expertise to the next level of gaming entertainment by offering its patrons new opportunities to "get in on the action."

  •   How do I make a deposit to my account?
  • Simply visit the "Cashier" section inside the poker room lobby and select "Make A Deposit." You can make immediate deposits using your Visa card, MasterCard, NETeller, Moneybookers or other means of payment that are available. See our Deposits page for complete details. You can also transfer money from our Sports book.

  •   How do I make a withdrawal from my account?
  • Visit the "Cashier" section on the main menu and select "Cash Out Chips." You can make an immediate withdrawal using NETeller, Scrill and others. Some other methods may take slightly longer. Any deposits made using your Visa or MasterCard account can no longer be credited back to your card before requesting any other withdrawal method. You can also choose to receive a wire transfer, Express Cash Transfer, or use Federal Express to mail a cashier's check. See our Withdrawals page for complete details. The other option is to transfer money back to your Sports book or PokerWorld account.

  •   How do I transfer money between my sports and poker accounts?
  • On The PokerWorld website, go to the "My Account" page and follow the instructions. top

  •   Can I have multiple poker accounts?
  • To protect all of our players from potential collusion, each player is limited to one account each. Attempts to open multiple accounts will result in the duplicate account being automatically disabled.

  •   What is the minimum buy-in on a poker table?
  • As in most card rooms, the minimum buy-in is ten times the small bet. For example, you need $100 to enter a $10 - $20 game, $50 to enter a $5 - $10 game and $20 to enter a $2 - $4 game. Upon entering each table, the software will advise you of the minimum buy-in for that particular table.

  •   Can I buy-in for less than the minimum?
  • This is called a short buy-in, and players are allowed one short buy-in during a playing session but not on the initial buy-in. If you do not have enough money on deposit for the initial buy-in to enter a game, you are allowed to get action on your remaining account balance at the lowest limit table in the card room.

  •   What is the rake and how is it computed?
  • The money removed from each pot by the house is the rake. The house rake cannot exceed more than 5% of the pot size, capping at $3, calculated on a variable rake structure. This allows us to adjust the rake depending upon the number of players and the betting limits. top

  •   What is the rake at the real money tables?
  • For limits of $2 - $4 and over, the maximum rake is $3 per game. For limits of $1 - $2 and under, the maximum rake is $1 per game. Please see the rake table for all our games by clicking on the Rake section of our website.

  •   Is there a credit card processing fee?
  • At PokerWorld, there is no charge for using a credit card. We will absorb all transaction fees.

  •   Can I mail a bank draft or money order?
  • Yes, please visit our Deposit options page for details.

  •   Can I fund my poker account with a personal check?
  • No, we don't take personal checks. We do accept cashiers checks and Money orders.

  •   How long will it take to receive my money when I cash out?
  • We process withdrawals on a daily basis. In some cases you will receive your money within an hour of the request. Please visit the Cash Out Options page for a more detailed explanation. top

  •   I'd rather not use my credit card. What other deposit options are available to me?
  • We prefer deposits by Express Cash Transfer, NETeller and Moneybookers. The other options are listed on the Deposit Options page. For more information on these options during the game play, please click on "Cashier" in our Lobby.

  •   What is the very best and least expensive way to fund my playing account?
  • There are a few very good ways. Our recommendation is using your Express Cash Transfer, NETeller or Moneybookers account. For a full explanation of deposits and deposit methods, click on the Deposit Options page or while playing the game on, "Real Money" Tab in the Lobby.

  •   I would like to increase my deposit limits. How can I do this?
  • The management of PokerWorld promotes responsible gaming and therefore keeps a close eye on the losses of its members. To increase your deposit limits, send an e-mail to our general manager. Include your full name and account number, as well as a compelling reason why we should increase your deposit limit.

  •   Can I review my deposits and withdrawals?
  • Yes. Simply visit the "Cashier" section in the poker room lobby and select "Transaction History." A screen will appear where you can query history of transaction by number of days.
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