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Now we’re sailing towards the high seas! As we explained in the Very Basics section, that what gives sense and meaning to the game of poker only when it is played for real money. There needs to be something at stake, otherwise what would restrain a player from going All-In with play money all the time? If you have already played for play money, you most certainly know what we mean here.

What you need to understand, before you move on is that poker is a situation game. We cannot cover all situations you might get in while playing, as the game might unfold in thousand of scenarios. And this is the beauty of the game. As you play, you will have to assess the situations you are in and make decisions based on your assessment. There are many factors you need to consider and the tutorials below are intended to give you a traction point and what to watch out for and consider in those situations.

Poker is so complex, that as you get better, you will be amazed how many aspects of the game you will need to process in your mind as you play. And at the end of the day, when you have played using wits and mettle, it feels very satisfying.

Remember, poker is a game that is a unique combination of skill and luck. Luck can bring you down on a number of occasions, but if you play smart you can overcome bad luck. Your ultimate goal as a poker player is to beat the odds in the long run. You think it’s impossible? Think about this – do you think the poker professionals win consistently at major poker events, because they were born under a lucky star?

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