gold cards Odds

Our Gold Card Odds chart below is designed to help you get the best value for your collection, and to show you how frequently or rarely each card is awarded.

The chart below will show the Odds of receiving each Gold Card in the 2009 Series from a vault of 5 Million cards!


Series 09 Gold Card Odds
gold card 2 of clubs
1 in 7
gold card 2 of diamonds
1 in 8
gold card 2 of hearts
1 in 9
gold card 2 of spades
1 in 10
gold card 3 of clubs
1 in 14
gold card 3 of diamonds
1 in 15
gold card 3 of hearts
1 in 17
gold card 3 of spades
1 in 19
gold card 4 of clubs
1 in 25
gold card 4 of diamonds
1 in 28
gold card 4 of hearts
1 in 32
gold card 4 of spades
1 in 36
gold card 5 of clubs
1 in 47
gold card 5 of diamonds
1 in 53
gold card 5 of hearts
1 in 60
gold card 5 of spades
1 in 67
gold card 6 of clubs
1 in 87
gold card 6 of diamonds
1 in 98
gold card 6 of hearts
1 in 111
gold card 6 of spades
1 in 124
gold card 7 of clubs
1 in 163
gold card 7 of diamonds
1 in 183
gold card 7 of hearts
1 in 206
gold card 7 of spades
1 in 231
gold card 8 of clubs
1 in 302
gold card 8 of diamonds
1 in 340
gold card 8 of hearts
1 in 383
gold card 8 of spades
1 in 430
gold card 9 of clubs
1 in 562
gold card 9 of diamonds
1 in 632
gold card 9 of hearts
1 in 712
gold card 9 of spades
1 in 801
gold card 10 of clubs
1 in 1,045
gold card 10 of diamonds
1 in 1,176
gold card 10 of hearts
1 in 1,323
gold card 10 of spades
1 in 1,489
gold card Jack of clubs
1 in 1,944
gold card Jack of diamonds
1 in 2,187
gold card Jack of hearts
1 in 2,461
gold card Jack of spades
1 in 2,769
gold card Queen of clubs
1 in 3,615
gold card Queen of diamonds
1 in 4,068
gold card Queen of hearts
1 in 4,575
gold card Queen of spades
1 in 5,149
gold card King of clubs
1 in 6,720
gold card King of diamonds
1 in 7,564
gold card King of hearts
1 in 8,503
gold card King of spades
1 in 9,579
gold card Ace of clubs
1 in 12,500
gold card Ace of diamonds
1 in 25,000
gold card Ace of hearts
1 in 50,000
gold card Ace of spades
1 in 5,000,000


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