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Take a look at the overall tournaments rules

  • Tournaments have a different disconnection policy from the rest of the card room. When you get disconnected from a tournament you are required to pay blinds. This way a player cannot sit out and coast through as players knock each other out. It is the players responsibility to maintain and recover his connection during a game. The house will not be responsible for any losses due to disconnection
  • However, should you legitimately be disconnected during a hand, the software will put you all-in for all the chips you have already contributed to the pot. All-ins are limited per tourney. Should you time-out (fail to play in the required amount of time) while you still have a connection, you will not be put all-in, but your cards will be folded.
  • When Re-buys end, you will generally be allowed to add-on. Add-ons and re-buys are tournament specific, so check the tournament details to get the information for the Re-buys and Add-ons (R/A) for that particular tournament.
  • Re-Buys and Add-ons add directly to the prize pool. Since this is the case, they can be done only if there is no prize given. Once a player is knocked out in a place that receives a prize, all re-buys and add-ons will no longer be allowed.
  • If a player is not at his seat within the first 5 minutes of play, he is removed. It is the player’s responsibility to be at his seat at game start time.
  • All tournaments start 5 minutes after the close of registration.
  • Seats are assigned at random.
  • The tournament is played until one player has all the chips.
  • Each player starts with 1500 in chips.
  • Single and two table tournaments start with 1000 in chips.
  • The button starts at seat 1.
  • The blinds increase every 10 minutes in multi table tournaments.
  • The blinds increase every 10 minutes in single two table tournaments.
  • The Blinds increase according to this blind structure.
  • Level 1 = 15/30
  • Level 2 = 25/50
  • Level 3 = 50/100
  • Level 4 = 100/200
  • Level 5 = 150/300
  • Level 6 = 200/400
  • Level 7 = 300/600
  • Level 8 = 400/800
  • Level 9 = 600/1200
  • Level 10 = 800/1600
  • Level 11 = 1200/2400
  • Level 12 = 2000/4000
  • Level 13 = 3000/6000
  • Level 14 = 4000/8000
  • Level 15 = 6000/12000
  • Level 16 = 8000/16000
  • Level 17 = 12000/24000
  • Level 18 = 20000/40000
  • Level 19 = 30000/60000
  • Level 20 = 40000/80000
  • Level 21 = 50000/100000
  • You will play at level 21 until a winner is declared. One player has all the chips.


  • When only two players are remaining in Hold'em or Omaha poker tournaments, the small blind has the button and acts first before the flop.
  • A bet and three raises are permitted in structured tournaments. There are no raise caps in pot-limit or no limit tournaments.
  • As players are eliminated from the tournament, the software moves players to balance the tables.
  • When ten players are left, the players will be combined onto a single table. In seven card stud tournaments, this is done when 8 players are remaining.
  • If two players are knocked out at the same time, the player with the higher chip count before the hand started will be placed higher. If both players have the same amount of chips, the prize will be divided equally.
  • There will be one 5-minute break every hour. In single tournaments there will be a 3-minute break every hour.
  • Please see the Disconnection Policy in the event of an unforeseen tournament stoppage.
  • Management decisions are final.
  • Rebuys are usually during the 1st hour of the tournament. After the first hour, no rebuys are allowed.
  • You can rebuy anytime your chips are equal or below your starting chips.
  • Rebuys can be found by clicking on the dealer’s tray.
  • If add-ons are permitted, they are added during the first break.
  • Re-buys are the same amount as your original starting chips.
  • There are no fees for rebuys or add-ons.
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